Problem & Opportunity

Statement of problem and opportunity

In Nigeria today, we have several thousands of schools across the country and yet we cannot confidently boast of individuals competing in the area of science with the rest of the world. This goes to show that the education system is lacking severely in the area of delivering quality knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and maths. This sort of knowledge and understanding help shape the advancement of any society in the world, therefore, it is of utmost importance that we create an enabling environment with Einstein Tablet tools that will ease the study and assimilation of Science and Technology for kids. This solution will ultimately help impact the society in the nearest future.

WAEC recorded massive failure in this year (Jan/Feb) because the method with which the teaching is being passed to the students is far from where their mind is. They want to see it digitally demonstrated and analysed, that is what this solution can do.

For us to achieve this feat, we seek the active participation of schools owners, Governments, cooperate organization and individuals to embrace the ideals and provide funds by purchasing these Einstein Tablet devices so that we can make these tools available to thousands of children within the country. Your S c h o o l s , O r g a n i z a t i o n s and Governments will be a Sponsor and contributor to the study advancement for children across the country on the promise of a brighter tomorrow. We will make it public, use the media effectively to promote our cause and in turn your organization will be recognized and praised as well.

This will help increase your brand trust and reputation, as well as seal the goodwill of your organization in the hearts of the children for ever.